We are “thrilled” with the video. You have done an amazing job. Thank you. It tells the hospice story nicely by threading the programs together, building to focus on core. Nazir, your close along with the kids is perfectly on-point; asking for what we’ve historically at times have been reluctant to ask for – support. Dena, you did a great job on the voiceover! Minara, Sybil, and the Young Carer did excellent with their parts as well. Sybil was the perfect person cast for the care giver! It is the right length and focus, making it a great addition to our website and our fund development tool kit.”

Steve Nardi – Hospice Toronto Past Chair

How Nonprofits Can Use Fundraising Videos to Maximize Donations

With so much content produced every day, how will you get someone’s attention? Further, how will you inspire potential donors to get involved and donate their time and money to your cause? We know that successful marketing goes beyond logic and facts. The audience needs an emotional connection to your cause.
Who doesn’t love a great story? Here’s where a fundraising video with a narrative format can help. A study by Abila shows how prominent videos are in inspiring viewers to take action and understand your message.


Fundraising Video helps raise $110,000 for Hospice Toronto

This fundraising video played at the Hospice Toronto Annual gala and contributed to the most successful fundraiser to date. After the Gala, the video serves as a brand story and continues to be a fundraising tool on their website and social-media.

Organization: Hospice Toronto
Written and Directed by Steve Gribben
DP: Ton-Essa La’Rocque
Production Company: Loudbyte