It’s 3am at Bar89 in SoHo, and of course it’s raining.

My partner and DP, Ton-Essa and I have invited to a late-night artist session with Portuguese artists, Pedro Cunha and Sofia M Xavier. Curator, Cristian Vargas, has them creating a new art installation called ‘Caos’ on the walls of the restaurant. They’re drawing freehand over the bare white walls of the famed restaurant. ladders, and scissor lifts. We sat them down for a cigarette and a conversation to learn about their technique and plans for the restaurants bold design initiatives. After all, it’s the first time Bar89 has allowed anyone to paint on their walls and what a dramatic transformation from their previous style it’s going to be. During our time together through the early morning hours, Pedro and Sofia are easy-going and more than willing to share their ideas and process with this.

Learn more about the artists here

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