Jon Alexander Fit Hiit Yoga Fitness Video

Moving Pictures

Project Description

A teaser from the full length 40 minute full body workout that we produced for fitness expert, Jon Alexander. Jon already had his training routine down but was looking for a way to create a engaging home video workout. After learning about his routine, we developed a look and feel for a fast-paced video that users can do in their own living-room and easily follow-along. We introduced the voice-over narration as a way to engage the home viewer so that they can focus on their routine and get helpful tips about alignment and breathing as well as the kind of motivation you get from a personal trainer in a class setting. After considering a number of indoor spaces, we opted for the outdoor rooftop at Ignite Glass studios. The views overlooking Chicago were gorgeous and inspiring. We kept the rooftop bare for an open atmosphere that goes hand-in-hand with the practice of Yoga. Jon was shot with daylight gels for fill so that the look of the images were very bright and neutral. The post-production grading was kept to a minimum as we wanted the photography to be clean and soft.

Agency Loudbyte
Director Steve Gribben
DP Ton-Essa La'Rocque

Client Jon Alexander Fit

Publish on May 2017