About the Production

The producers wanted to create a promo video as proof of concept and marketing tool to help them raise funds for a feature length documentary. We were hired to produce the high school wrestling promo. As part of the storyline, we interviewed retired legends of Greco Roman Wrestling and those closest to coach Ott at Waukegan High School where it all began. If you’re a greco roman wrestling fan, check out Ott Bay’s story and the wrestlers he influenced.

The Story

In 1948, Ott moved to Waukegan, Illinois with his wife and three young sons Rick, Steve and Mike, to teach sociology and football. When he arrived at Waukegan High, he was unexpectedly asked to run the new wrestling program even though he had no wrestling experience. He took up the challenge with relish and within two years, Ott was producing some of the best wrestlers in the state and winning titles. 

Coach Ott Bay was widely known as one of the greatest sports coaches of all time. During his time at Waukegan High School, he produced some of the best wrestlers in the state and created a legacy of winning titles.

Directed by Steve Gribben
DP: Ton-Essa La’Rocque
Production: Loudbyte

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