Claire Pettibone

Fall | Winter 2016

Fall | Winter 2015

Claire Pettibone celebrated their 20th Anniversary this year with a stunning new collection, Gothic Angel, at the beautiful Highline Hotel in NYC.

Exclusive interviews with Claire Pettibone, Guy Toley (CEO Claire Pettibone), Walt Shepard (publisher/editor Inside Weddings), TV personality Randy Fenoli(Say Yes To The Dress), Tracy Trouf (Editor Wedding Style), Terry Hall (Fashion Director at Kleinfeld), Anne Chertoff (Anne Chertoff Media) and Marcy Blum (Celebrity Wedding Planner)

“Notre Dame, Westminster Abbey, Milan and St. Patrick’s…the Gothic cathedral imparts a majesty and splendor designed to enlighten and inspire mankind. Glimpse heavenly skies through intricate stained glass windows, while silver and gilded gold impart opulence beyond our dreams. Ornate facades, and intricate leaded glass and carvings are interpreted into French lace and silk embroidery. The iconic angel comes to life, not on the feathered wings of an imagined future, but here and now, as a powerful and beautiful Woman welcoming us to Heaven and Earth.”
Claire Pettibone

Fall | Winter 2014

From the designer…

I am so excited to share my Still Life Collection. It all started with a Dutch masterpiece “Still Life of Flowers on a Marble Table,” by Rachel Ruysch, 1716. In the second half of the 17th century, the art of the floral still-life reached the height of fashion. Dramatic arrangements of flora and fauna, insects and fruits, set against dramatic dark backgrounds exude a mysterious romanticism.